Monday, April 28, 2008

Canaries showing school spirit!

San Vicente School's (SVS) STUCO sponsored spirit week with a friendly competition between the classes. I believe this was a scheme for the students to let loose before the SAT10, BRI, and other testing. Genius! The winning class with the most participants will receive a pizza party or go to PIC! Competition?! Prize?! You know it's was hilariously wild!
I told my 4th graders that it doesn't matter which class wins, just as long as it's NOT Ms. Felix or Ms. Kathy. My kiddies totally understood incident that took place on April 1st...those monkeys tagged team! Grr! What better way to motivate my kiddies to participate than telling them that I was going to show school spirit and dress-up too!
As a result, from April 7th thru 11th there were some interesting and attention-grabbing Canaries roaming around the SVS campus. Mon. was Crazy Hair Day; Tues. was Celebrity Day (don't worry Ellen the kiddies didn't think I was Alicia Keys...they thought I was Capt. Jack Sparrow!); Wed. was Crazy Hat Day; Thurs. was Backwards day; and Fri. was Sporty Day.
How cool is it to have a job that allows one to be a kid again?! especially for someone like me who enjoys participating in activities with the kiddies! Being an elementary school teacher playing dress-up, having tempera paint on myself, and acting goofy is NOT out of the norm.

AND, it's just a few of the many reasons why I take pleasure in teaching! :)